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Disclaimer: Submitting preliminary healthcare or insurance information or making an appointment with the practice does not establish a physician-patient relationship. That relationship is not created until the practice has completed a preliminary evaluation and then notifies the individual in writing that he or she has been accepted as a patient.

TMD New Patient Forms

For New Patients with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Please read the instructions carefully.

TMJ Scale

This test is used as an assessment tool for Dr. Stagg. It assists in evaluating and treating chronic pain and temporomandibular disorders [TMJ] and patient self-testing with the TMJ Scale. Please print out and bring completed form at your next visit.

Nutrition Symptom Survey Form

This evaluation will determine which supplements will aid your nutritional deficiencies. Established patients, please feel free to bring in the completed form to see which supplements you may need.
"I chose Dr. Stagg's office to address my dental needs. First, I was greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff that addressed my concerns promptly and to the point. I mean ALL my concerns from my appointments, insurance, and procedures. Second, the office environment was impeccable with a tranquil touch. I immediately found peace with myself, instead of the usual restlessness at previous dental practices. Talk about clean. The place was spotless. Even the restroom had hand towels as found at a five-star resort. Nice touch! Dr. Stagg has her act together, she has thoroughly thought through each process in her practice: the front desk requirements, enviromentally appealing, trained staff, technology, patient comfort, patient education, and procedural care. A "total dental system" all for the care of the patient. What an experience! Did I mention I fell asleep while Dr. Stagg was replacing my fillings?"
~ John I: General Dentistry
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