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BioResearch : JVA, Jaw Tracker, EMG, Mastication Program

T- Scan: a diagnostic device that allows Dr. Stagg to analyze your bite dynamics.

i-CAT 3-D Imaging Cone Beam

i-CAT technology is widely regarded as the cone beam industry standard. It has been recognized six years in a row as the best Cone Beam 3D Scanner by Townie Choice Awards, and has also been recognized as 'Best of Class' Technology Award by Pride Institute.

i-CAT puts the power of precision in dental clinicians hands. It provides maximum control to accurately capture each patient's unique anatomy and treatment progress. The i-CAT's flexibility also allows clinicians to select specifically desired scans to manage radiation dose control for the greatest benefit to the clinician's plan as well as for the patient.

i-CAT for TMJ, Airway, and Sinus
i-CAT allows dental clinicians to "zero in" on the temporomandibular joints to detect TMD causes and identify the best treatment options.

The 3D data provided by i-CAT's technology enhances airway assessment to reveal restricted airways and determine appropriate treatments with precise views and measurements. Color-coded constriction values highlight airway volume for quick at-a-glance reference.

Rhinometer and Pharyngometer for Airway Volumetric Screening

The Isolite system is used to promote the most comfort for our patients. Isolite is a soft and flexible mouthpiece that isolates the tooth and protects the tongue and cheeks. The Isolite mouthpiece prevents inadvertant aspiration of material by continuously aspirating the fluids and oral debris. It also provides Dr. Stagg with a LED light source with a shadowless illumination to get the best possible view.

The AccuLiner System is an Orthopedic Analyzer/Articulator that accurately aligns the Maxilla, Mandible, Plane of Occlusion (Bite), and Teeth. The AccuLiner is designed based on the idea that the maxilla is the foundation of the occlusion--not the mandible. It is meant to accommodate both rotational and translational movements of the mandible.
Acculiner Brochure

The Rotadent is a prescribed toothbrush that you can only get from your local dentist office. To become an established patient, call our office today 321-777-2797.
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