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Dental Ozone Therapeutic Modalities
Dr. Stagg has attended the American Academy of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry’s Ozone course, and has successfully completed all the necessary training for her Ozone Therapy Certification. Her staff has been thoroughly trained in the application of dental therapeutic modalities, and her office offers these to assist her patients on the path to optimum wellness. This treatment is the latest innovation in Dentistry and has many benefits that extend beyond the health of the mouth in the oral systemic link. A few words in reference to what is Ozone and how it works: Ozone is a natural occurring safe gas and consists of three molecules of oxygen. Ozone is just an energized form of oxygen and it is impossible to be allergic to it. Bacteria, fungi, viruses, molds, algae and parasites are positively charged and lack antioxidant enzymes in their cell membranes. When ozone is introduced, it creates a reaction which neutralizes these infectious “bugs.” There are a multitude of therapeutic applications and the location of the infection will determine the application.
We are pleased to offer the following Ozone Dental Therapeutic Modalities:
  • Ozonated water is used as a pretreatment rinse to disinfect the oral cavity. It is also used as part of our process to sterilize and disinfect the waterlines for each of our dental units.
  • Nasal insufflation therapy treats patients with symptomatic teeth and is effective in sinus, upper respiratory and lung infections.
  • Ear insufflation therapy treats patients for TMD and/or dental symptoms as well as throat infections. It is considered a foundational ozone therapy.
  • Trigger Point injections and Prolozone therapy to eliminate lactic acid buildup and reduce pain especially in pain inducing muscle tension areas. Different injections depending on their levels of penetration will have different therapeutic responses. For example, at an intra-dermal entry the response will be an anti-oxidant response. A Sub-cutaneous entry will have a vascular response and a muscular application will have an anti-Inflammatory response.
  • Treatment of Periodontal disease with Oxygen / Ozone Therapy: We can arrest periodontal disease with oxygen, ozone and water, treat periodontal disease with ozonated olive oil, and enhance soft tissue management programs with both in office and at home usage. We can fabricate special trays to treat with total arch insufflations in office and provide our patients with the tools for proper home care promoting enhanced outcomes.
  • Caries Arrestment and Tooth Structure Surface Preparation. Ozone will help us as Practitioners during preparations for pit and fissure sealants, cavity and crown procedures, to create the ideal bonding surface, arrest caries and root sensitivities. Ozone can also help prevent the need for endodontic therapy if there is a carious or mechanical exposure of the pulp.
  • Utilization of Oxygen / Ozone in Endodontics. As a gas, Ozone can eliminate infections during endodontic treatment by reaching areas that are not possible otherwise in conventional therapy thereby providing a safe and effective root canal treatment. Osseous lesions can be treated using a procedure applying the gas directly into the bone surrounding the tooth.
  • Oral Surgical Applications. Bony surgical sites can be preconditioned with Ozone Therapy for enhancing implant surgeries’ outcomes, as also post-extraction and grafting sites.
  • Ozone therapy can also increase lymphatic stimulation and drainage. There are also treatment protocols for tonsils and associated soft tissues.
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