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Dental Care
Health Connections Dentistry provides holistic oriented family dentistry to individuals of every age, from 3 to 101. The smile professionals at our office work to put your family at ease during any procedure, from the regular checkup to specialty procedures involving your teeth.

Family dentists are sometimes also called general practitioners, as they deal with all sorts of dentistry and not just specialty areas. At Health Connections Dentistry, we offer a variety of services to your family, including basic dental care, dentures, child and adult orthodontics, dental implant restoration, and more, as well as treatment for issues such as TMJ disorders, movement disorders, and sleep apnea.

Our professional staff is led by Dr. Stagg, a provider of comprehensive dental care who received her Master of Science at Tufts University-School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts, and has since stayed involved with a multitude of organizations and extensive continuing education courses so she can remain aware of the multitude of developments the scientific community has made to help her patients receive the best holistic care available. The dental office is Green and efficient, with maple and birch cabinetry, as well as strong and well insulated walls to help with both comfort and energy efficiency.

Contact us today in order to schedule an appointment and see for yourself how wonderful the smile professionals at Health Connections Dentistry are at fulfilling your family’s dental needs.
Dr. Stagg provides comprehensive dentistry. The services below are some of the additional services that make our dental practice unique due to her additionnal training:

Neuro-Muscular Dentistry for patients with and without teeth . How the whole head and neck function as a comprehensive unit.

Dentures that are level and Physiologically healthy using the E.D.O.T System.
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities: Products and environment are catered specifically to the patient's individual needs.

TMJ Disorders: Are you tired of being told that "It's all in your head!" Well, it is, and we can help reduce and /or eliminate Head , Neck and Facial Pain.

Clenching - Grinding management and treatment: causing pain and worn teeth.

Sleep Breathing Disorders: Can be life threatening depending on their severity. We can determine where the restrictions are and correct them accordingly with Oral Appliance Therapy.

Sleep Apnea: Once diagnosed by a physician, Dr. Stagg can offer an alternative to the C-Pap for mild to moderate Sleep Apnea.

Dento-Facial Orthopedics and Functional Orthodontics: We strive to avoid extractions and promote Functionnal Appliance Therapy. Early Intervention Therapy aids children's facial growth, taking into consideration their airway and sleep disorders. This reduces the possible need for future surgery and braces (or the duration of treatment in braces) later in life.

Adult Orthodontics: Clear braces practically invisible are available.
Craniofacial Epigenetics: Naturally correcting teeth, jaw and faces in children and adults while promoting better airway and craniofacial development with the DNA and mRNA appliances.
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