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Why Rotadent? Let’s do the math…

4,577 micro-access filaments
1,350 revolutions per minute
360º brush head rotation
1/3 the size of competitor bristles
92% of plaque gone in the first minute

Rotadent is a professionally recommended homecare instrument for disease control, and can help make your homecare routine more effective.*

Understanding your oral health: No two mouths are created equal, meaning that you need a homecare instrument that conforms to your teeth and meets your needs.
Patient TypeCommon Concerns
Rotadent Solution
Periodontal DiseaseNearly 75% of adults have some form of perio disease.* Brushing and flossing helps control bacteria levels and prevent disease.One-step solution
Clinically proven to be as effective as manual brushing and flossing

Removes 92% of plaque in one minute*
Orthodontic InvestmentWithout proper care, patients can develop gum disease and decalcification.Reduces decalcification during ortho treatment*

Unique brush head design effectively reaches around brackets
Cosmetic/Restorative DentistrySome toothbrushes cause microscopic grooves on implants, creating a place for bacteria to build up.Clinically proven to be safe for use on restorative and cosmetic work including crowns, bridges and implants*

***This information is directly from Rotadent® , a registered trademark of Den-Mat Holdings, LLC Copyright 2014.***
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